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Bad Weather Procedures

Oaklands Infant School will seek to minimise the impact of bad weather on the normal operation of the school.

In rare circumstances where it is not possible to operate the school safely and action is required, the following risk factors are considered:

  • Is the site safe for pupils and staff to attend?
  • Are sufficient staff able to access the site in order to be able to operate safely?
  • Are all utilities and services able to operate (water, heating, electricity, and kitchen)?
  • Are staff and students able to travel to and from the site safely?

In the event that one or more of the above factors is answered in the negative, the school will consider the following actions:

  • Footwear or uniform adjustment
  • Late start
  • School Closure

School Closure before the start of the school day
The school will complete an appropriate risk assessment and notify parents/carers by a text message and email which are held on our system. There will also be a message on the school website. In the event of doubt, please check the school website. The school will issue updates on the website on an ongoing basis.

School Closure during the school day
In the event of an early closure, parents/carers will be advised in advance (as far as possible) that there this is a potential course of action. The school will release this information via text message and email and on the school website.

I will endeavour to keep the school open when possible, please make sure your contact details are up to date with the school office.

Hannah O'Neill