Register of Interests


  • Sukina Carr - Governor, Oaklands Infant School
  • Stephen Corfield - Mentor to Senior students at Edgbarrow School
  • Robert Elsey - CEO of Corvus Learning Trust
  • Iain Henderson - Nil
  • Steve James - Governor, Edgbarrow School; partner is a Governor at Oaklands Junior School
  • Jarlath O'Brien - Parent of child at Edgbarrow School
  • Graham Oakley - Chair of Governors, Edgbarrow School
  • Joanna Nightingale - Nil
  • Jason Welch - Governor, Hatch Ride Primary School


Edgbarrow SchoolHatch Ride Primary School

Mack Allan - Nil
David Boothe - Parent Governor
Stuart Matthews - Headteacher
Louise West - Staff member
Steph Blades - Nil
Rebekah Brumby - Parent of a child
David Fivian - Nil
Peter Floyd - Local Safeguarding Children Board,
Governor at Kennel Lane School
Alison Hancock - Parent of a child
Daphne Hill - Nil
Gill Howarth - Nil
Steven James - Trustee at Corvus Learning Trust;
partner Oaklands Junior School
Richard McCready -  Trustee at Yateley School
Sasha Mead - staff member
Graham Oakley - Trustee at Corvus Learning Trust
Sarah Pemberton - parent of two children at Edgbarrow School
Charlie St Aubyn - parent of two children at Edgbarrow School
Lucy Stockwell - Parent of child, Staff member Edgbarrow School
Cliff Thompson - LA BFBC, partner Wildmoor Heath School
Royston Tinsley - Nil

Nick Bill - LA Governor
Sophie Collins - Nil
Neil Fleck - Parent Governor
Katie Maynard - Nil
Denise Nicholson - Staff Governor; son works at HRPS
Paresh Patel - Parent Governor
Jo Sparrowhawk - Headteacher
Helen Thompson - Nil
Jason Welch, Parent Governor; wife supply teacher
Liz Whiting, HRPS PTA

Oaklands Infant SchoolOaklands Junior School

Roger Blake - none
Kevin Davis - Governor Oaklands Infant School
Debby Griffiths - Staff, relative of IT Contractor
Michelle Hall - none
Duncan Holland - Staff Governor
Liz James - Partner of Trustee at CLT
Hiten Joshi - Parent Governor
Susanne Kaps - none
Charlotte Kieran - none
John McLaren - Partner HLTA
Barbara Paige - none
Carolyn Pyke - Chief Business & Finance Office at CLT
Justine Waight - Parent Governor
Hazel West - Headteacher
David Whitfield - Trustee at CLT

Business and Pecuniary interests of Trustees